A Ray of Love

by Nancy Harrison

Illustrations by John Joseph

A Ray of Love tells the story of Sunny, a young sun who is in training to become the sun of Earth. When he learns about all of the sadness and pain that exists on Earth, he becomes sad, and hopes to see more happiness. However, even on the days when he sees happiness, sadness and pain still exist. He learns his rays may spread warmth and light but it’s love that spreads happiness. He vows to spread love to everyone on Earth, one person at a time.

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Reading Age

4-7 years

Grade Level

Pre-K – 3


32 pages



Published by Brown Kids Books • Publication date October 6, 2020
ISBN-10 1612544495 • ISBN-13 978-1612544496

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Endorsements & Reviews

Nancy Harrison’s A Ray of Love brings a ray of hope to parents and educators. I have great pleasure in endorsing this book as an educator for over thirty years, working with students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade and college, and as a mother who fought the counter culture of meaningless life, selfishness and strife of our society as my children were growing up. This children’s book is a welcome addition to home and school library shelves that parents and educators seek to stack with materials underscoring good character for children from the age of four to seven.

Nancy, I just received your book and read it to my five-year-old granddaughter. She was so excited and wanted me to read it to her right away. After reading it, her first comment was ‘the sun is really important isn’t it’. Thank you so much for a wonderful uplifting message.
Janice J.

The book you sent in today made me cry. I loved it so so much. It is a beautiful book.
We loved the book and illustration. I bough one each for (my children) and one each for their school libraries and one for a gift.
Jaime S.

Nancy, it’s beautiful. Exactly what children need to read. And I love the illustrations. So well done.
Charmaine N.

I absolutely love it. The message is awesome and the illustrations go so well with it.
Brandie H.

Received your book A Ray of Love today. Congratulations Nancy. Loved the story.
Heather M.

We loved the book. Such sweet message.
Rick A.

It is absolutely delightful.

The book….AMAZING. Reading it brought tears to my eyes.
Anjani A.

Super cute, loved it.
Heidi S.

Nancy! Your book is lovely!!! What a beautiful story…just a wonderful message that kids can so easily relate to and understand.
Nancy S.

We loved the book and illustration! I bought one each for my kids and one each for their school libraries.
Jamie M.