Book Endorsement

Nancy Harrison’s A Ray of Love brings a ray of hope to parents and educators. I have great pleasure in endorsing this book as an educator for over thirty years, working with students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade and college, and as a mother who fought the counter culture of meaningless life, selfishness and strife of our society as my children were growing up. This children’s book is a welcome addition to home and school library shelves that parents and educators seek to stack with materials underscoring good character for children from the age of four to seven.

A Ray of Love, with insightful illustrations of vibrant colors, captures in short and meaningful sentences over 30 pages the life of a sun child who attends school with all other stars in preparation to serve as a sun of a planet. The sun child becomes the brightest and the biggest star, thus, chosen to be the sun of the earth. Off he goes with the blessings of his father to be the best sun that he could be, but challenges such as human strife and sorrow that he witnesses from above and the following discouragement beset him until he becomes an overcomer who understands that this world needs not just his warmth and light but more importantly his love. The world is a better place because of this sun child’s discovery of his purpose, his love and his ability to overcome struggles!

A Ray of Love enhances values that are based on the pursuit of a purpose-driven life, liberty and happiness for all people, and true love and joy that can change our self-centered, materialistic world of strife and division. Very ideal as a colorful and captivating reader for story – telling or reading time for Pre-Kindergarteners, for introducing reading to Kindergarteners, for encouraging reading among 1st graders and for reading intervention among 2nd graders, this book is a must-have for value-based schools and homes!

Sheba George, Ph.D., Ed.D.
Founder and Superintendent of Newman International Academy