About This Book


Nancy Harrison

A Ray of Love tells the story of Sunny, a young sun who is in training to become the sun of Earth. When he learns about all of the sadness and pain that exists on Earth, he becomes sad, and hopes to see more happiness. However, even on the days when he sees happiness, sadness and pain still exist. He learns his rays may spread warmth and light but it’s love that spreads happiness.  He vows to spread love to everyone on Earth, one person at a time. — Brown Books Kids

What do you hope this book will accomplish?

The world will always have sadness and pain.  And in time one will experience it.   It’s hard to ‘love’ when you are hurt, but the heart is a powerful muscle.  Showing love can lift the hearts of those around and reciprocate it back to you.

Teaching our children about love at a young age will not only make them kinder individuals but also teach them how to overcome hurt.

Love has no boundaries.  No matter your job, your education level or your status in life, you should always shine love on others.

Who are you trying to reach?

Anyone who would like to see more love in this world!  🙂

Children are sponges and watch their surroundings to learn and grow.  I think all educators, parents, teachers, librarians, church leaders, etc should share and show love for these children to emulate.

What age group is the book targeted for?

Elementary school by age, but I hope all those who are young at heart!

What motivated you to write this book?

In an extremely stressful time in my life I was sitting at a long red light, the highway beside me was busy, the person in the car next to me looked as exhausted as I was.   So I just looked straight ahead, waiting for the light to turn green.  Facing east and staring at an extremely large sun rise I was breath-taken.  As I stared at the sun I started to animate it, thinking everyday the sun looks down on the Earth.  It has to be thinking something!

And that is how Sunny came to life.

It’s really easy to be dragged down by the news, social media, hearing and watching the bickering and anger between people, which seems to be increasing each day.

I think there needs to be more happiness, love and kindness these days and it will not change quickly.  It will have to change with one person at a time.

Teaching and showing love to children, who are our future, will hopefully make the world a better place.

Lesson you hope to teach?

In difficult and stressful times love will always overcome, and that love will allow calmness and peace in your heart and radiate to others.  Though you can only control yourself, shining love on others will often start a chain reaction.

The world has gone through many toils and difficulties.  When these happen people get together, help one another, show kindness and love and we seem to get through them better off.

This kindness and love should shine all the time, not only when difficult times are around us.

Though the main lesson in this book is love, there is also a smaller aspect of not giving up on your goals.  There will be changes in life that we will have to struggle with to get through and we may feel that doing something a certain way is the best, but sometimes changing the course ends up being a better way.

About the author?

Growing up I could say I was somewhat creative.  I enjoyed reading but my strengths were more in the maths and sciences.

My creativity may not have transferred to paper in my earlier years but I always enjoyed animating objects in my mind.

A Ray of Love was not the first book I wrote, just the first book I published.

I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario.   In 1997 I moved to the United States to start my nursing career.  In 2001, I met my husband, Jason, who was in his general surgery residency.  In 2006, we established Highlander Surgical Associates and have owned and operated the practice together ever since.